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A look at what's important for website optimisation in 2020...

Optimize your website for 2020

January 7, 2020

New year, new start? Or is the focus for 2020 to build on what you have and make it better? When it comes to websites, Sandy Footprints can help with both!

Lets have a look at the important factors for optimising your website in 2020…

1. Content is Key

Some things don’t change! Quality content is the most vital feature of any website. Not only will relevant and up to date content deem your website rank-worthy to the search engines, without good quality content you will see low click through rates and high bounce rates from your website visitors.

2. Mobile Usability

OK, we know this has been vitally important for a while now but some website owners continue to ignore mobile and responsive issues with their sites, which means ignoring issues that will affect up to 58% of site visitors! Equally important, Google and other search engines are penalising websites that do not function correctly, or are not displayed correctly, in mobile devices. Slow loading times, poor layout and full page popups are only a few of the issues that will affect your mobile usability.

3. Artificial Intelligence

With Google’s introduction of RankBrain in 2015 we saw the shift of search towards AI as opposed to algorithm. The AI programs are capable of learning from past customer searches, as well as their interactions with websites, to produce better results on the fly. Now website owners must focus on even more high-quality content and conversational search terms that will remain relevant regardless of changes in Google’s AI based search.

4. Featured Snippets

Have you noticed when you type a question into Google, and some other search engines, you will often see an answering paragraph returned in the search results instead of just a list of pages? This is your featured snippet: an excerpt of content from a web page. Google will return what it determines as the most relevant and informative answer to your question. But what does this mean for site visits?

If a search engine user is provided an answer to their query within the search format, they have no requirement to click through to the sites in the list of results. This can get even more frustrating as the featured snippet isn’t necessarily returned from the first site in the search results. So even if you rank as number 1, your page may be pushed down the results by a more relevant answer.

So, how you do show in the featured snippets? High quality content (of course!) and writing content in question/answer format will improve your odds.

5. Voice Search Snippets

It started with Siri in 2011, now the voice search market is worth an estimated $600 million and experts are predicting that half of all searches will be performed by voice THIS YEAR!

The most important way to take advantage of this trend is by switching to more conversational keyword phrases. Web users tend to use stilted, machine-like searches when typing on a computer. However, the vast majority of people speak conversationally when using voice searches.

Businesses can also focus on creating informational content, like guides and instructionals, in order to capitalize on voice search and be selected as featured content. Finally, by writing content that describes directions, services, and sales, businesses can also increase results and make voice searching easier for their clients.


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